Procurement Audit Service


Procurement audit is used when your business needs to audit the bidding for a project or work or needs to audit the financial statements to bid for a certain work or service.

Enterprises with large sales and reputation will easily get a larger contract audit contract. Many bidding packages are not subject to open bidding, most of which are by appointment of contractors, or by limited bidding such as those of projects using ODA capital of donors, or of corporations, corporations, or projects. foreign-invested projects and usually for a group of foreign-invested auditing firms.

For large-scale bidding packages, corporations and corporations also do not want contractors to be small auditing companies because they think they are not qualified. In contrast, large-scale bidding packages often have a large amount of work, so small companies do not dare to undertake because if they win the contract, they will not have time to do other jobs.

However, when the bidding objects are expanded and  bidding  is competitive, the bidding often becomes a very fierce competition, and the fact that foreign-invested auditing firms as well as auditing firms Big math deep discount is not an exception

Part of the reason for low bids from bidders comes from the investor/procuring party. Some projects are small-scale, but the investor does not properly evaluate, so the bid package price is “in the sky”, leading to a large difference between the bid package price and the bid price.

The fact also shows that many small and medium auditing companies do not have a good quality control training department. They cooperate to jointly perform audit services towards the goal of improving service quality, increasing revenue and reputation for each audit firm and for independent audit activities.

The leading prestigious bidding audit service company

We always focus on recruiting input, training and training high-quality professional human resources. Currently,  MVA Auditing Services  has extensive experience in accounting and auditing, performing and completing audit services, accounting and tax consulting services.

If you are in need of more information about  procurement audit , please contact  MVA Auditing Service  for our fastest advice and quotation.

Financial statement audit service for bidding

MVA Auditing Service  with a team of auditors with over 10 years of experience, we will provide professional independent audit services. In addition to auditing to give opinions and issue an honest and reasonable audit report,  MVA Auditing Services  also advises the accounting system for customers so that the accounting department can be more complete to avoid errors.

Services of the company MVA Auditing Services

  • Financial statement audit services for bidding purposes
  • Transfer pricing report making service – Affiliate transaction
  • Independent audit service
  • XDCB audit service
  • Financial statement review service

Benefits of using MVA’s professional financial statement audit service

  • To provide honest – reasonable data in all material respects to the parties using the report.
  • Timely adjustment of data to avoid future consequences such as tax arrears, administrative fines, etc.
  • Provide accurate and objective data for administrators and stakeholders.
  • Consulted to complete the internal control system
  • Consulting to complete the accounting system to avoid errors
  • Analyze the financial situation of enterprises to advise business leaders

Reasons to choose a reputable audit service of MVA

  • Our audit service has been provided for many years all over the country and received a lot of trust from customers because of its prestige and quality.
  • A team of dedicated auditors with more than 10 years of experience are always ready to support customers.
  • Support accounting consulting, tax consulting 24/7
  • Affordability
  • Prestigious audit service, quality, best price nationwide