Enterprises are both the nucleus and the driving force of the economy. The healthy and stable development of businesses is the key to ensuring the prosperity of the nation, contributing to improving social welfare and people’s lives. As a law firm specializing in investment and business consulting, MVA Group always attaches great importance to protecting the interests of businesses, considering businesses as their companions and reliable partners. Over the years, MVA Vietnam has strived to perfect comprehensive legal consulting services to ensure legal safety for businesses, helping the business community feel secure with its investment and business plans in the future. The market environment is volatile and risky. Besides, MVA always focuses on improving the quality and efficiency of consulting services to satisfy customers and is highly appreciated by customers.

Depending on the type and size of business, the field of operation as well as the arising in the production and business process, each enterprise has its own legal advice requirements, suitable to its development stage. MVA provides the main contents of corporate legal advice / corporate legal advice / business legal advice that most businesses are interested in, including:

1. Enterprise law consulting – Business establishment consulting

– Consulting on legal provisions on business establishment:

  • Consulting for all types of businesses
  • Consulting on business establishment conditions
  • Business name consulting
  • Consulting the location of the headquarters
  • Business industry consulting
  • Consultancy on charter capital, valuation of contributed assets….
  • Advice on titles and conditions, rights and obligations of legal representatives
  • Consulting Form and use of corporate seal….

– Consulting documents and procedures for business establishment:

  • Dossier and procedures for establishing a one-member limited liability company
  • Dossier and procedures for establishing a limited liability company with 2 or more members
  • Dossier and procedures for setting up a joint stock company
  • Dossier and procedures for establishing a partnership company
  • Dossier and procedures for setting up a private enterprise
  • Dossier and procedures for establishing a cooperative
  • Dossier and procedures for setting up a business household
  • Dossier and procedures for establishing a company with 100% foreign capital
  • Dossier and procedures for establishing a joint venture company
  • Dossier and procedures for setting up a company branch
  • Dossiers and procedures for setting up a business location…

– Advice on what businesses need to do after having a business registration certificate

2. Enterprise law consultancy – Business registration change consulting

  • Consulting to increase and decrease the company’s charter capital
  • Consulting on changing and supplementing business lines
  • Consulting to change the company’s headquarters
  • Consulting on changing legal representative
  • Consulting to change company name
  • Consulting on changes in capital contribution structure, capital contributors due to transfer of capital contributions or shares
  • Consulting to change information of members and shareholders of the company
  • Advice on changing tax registration information
  • Consulting to change, update the phone number, email or website of the business….

3. Corporate law consulting – Corporate restructuring

  • Consulting on division and separation of businesses
  • Consulting on mergers and acquisitions
  • Business consolidation consulting
  • Consulting on business transformation
  • Business suspension consulting
  • Advising on termination of branches, representative offices, and business locations
  • Business dissolution consulting
  • Corporate bankruptcy consulting
  • Business buying and selling consulting

4.Corporate consulting: Consulting on corporate governance and legal compliance

  • Review corporate legal records
  • Consulting on organizational structure and internal management of enterprises
  • Advising on the rights and obligations of enterprises
  • Consulting on power allocation and coordination mechanism between business owners and executives
  • Consulting on risk control of large transactions and transactions that easily generate self-interest
  • Consulting on controlling legal compliance….

5. Corporate law consulting: Tax legal advice

  • Tax code registration consultation
  • Tax declaration consulting
  • Advice on tax payment procedures
  • Consulting regulations on tax declaration, financial statements, tax finalization
  • Advice on using invoices (e-invoices), accounting documents
  • Consulting on personal income tax law for employees of enterprises
  • Consulting on corporate income tax law
  • Consulting on value added tax law
  • Consulting on tax obligations of enterprises with foreign elements: Representative offices, branches, contractors, foreign companies in Vietnam.
  • Consulting on tax obligations when transferring capital contributions, shares, transferring assets (land), buying and selling companies
  • Consulting on tax regulations in separation, consolidation, joint venture and association activities
  • Advice on tax obligations upon business dissolution
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for tax exemption and reduction for businesses and individuals from time to time
  • Consulting on tax incentives for businesses
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for VAT refund for businesses
  • Consulting on conditions and procedures for import and export tax refund
  • Consulting on handling of violations in the tax field
  • Consulting on complaints and denunciations in the tax field….

MVA Law Firm specializes in providing legal consulting services for businesses/businesses. We focus on supporting customers who are small and medium enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises nationwide. Proud to be a reputable and quality unit with a team of professional and dynamic lawyers and consultants, we always put the interests of our clients first. Immediately contact MVA Law for timely advice and support.