Tax finalization is a mandatory job of an Enterprise after a period of establishment and operation for the purpose of tax authorities and review of Corporate Income Tax (CIT), Value Added Tax (VAT), and taxes. Personal income of the enterprise to see if the business is operating well and in compliance with the provisions of the law. However, in order to correctly and timely perform the above operations, not all businesses can do it. Some difficulties businesses often face when finalizing taxes today.

The accounting books and reports that have been prepared do not match the actual vouchers or they do but are not in accordance with the regulations of the tax authorities.

Not sure about accounting standards and skills, lack of qualified and experienced personnel, leading to errors in the bookkeeping system, arising many problems and tax mistakes, causing economic losses to enterprises.

With the experience and reputation of a leading company in Accounting and Tax Services, MVA Vietnam understands the difficulties that businesses are facing. Tax finalization service was born with the mission to thoroughly, quickly and promptly solve problems related to tax finalization – accounting books on all types of businesses. MVA Vietnam will perform all the work of an accountant on your behalf, transactions, explanations before tax authorities when they check.

  1. Content of performing tasks in tax finalization services
  • Classify and check documents before tax finalization
  • Classify and check the reasonableness of accounting vouchers.
  • Receive business documents to do the job.
  • Sorting documents reasonably and validly according to regulations to avoid risks when finalizing tax.
  • Prepare accounting vouchers according to regulations of the Ministry of Finance
  • Prepare import, export, revenue and expenditure vouchers based on original documents.
  • Prepare relevant bank vouchers and other accounting vouchers.
  • Prepare documents, papers, contracts of administrative procedures to closely enforce the validity of original documents.
  • Maintain complete set of documents to ensure tax finalization.
  1. Set up the bookkeeping system
  • Set up a system of detailed books: Goods, liabilities, allocation, depreciation, salary…
  • Set up a system of ledger accounts.
  • Make a General Journal.
  • Print a set of vouchers including:
  • Incurred balance sheet, Balance sheet,
  • Statement of business results, statement of cash flows,
  1. Profit and loss balance, risk analysis
    Analyze the tax and accounting risks of the business during the operation of business document transactions, in order to prevent maximum losses for the business.
    Balancing goods, expenses, profits ensures the plan and interests of the business.
  2. Completing reports and dossiers
    Making VAT declaration dossiers: Tax declarations, reports on the use of invoices, finalization of reports on the use of invoices.
    Making PIT declaration dossiers: Monthly and quarterly PIT declarations; annual PIT finalization declaration.
    Making CIT finalization: Quarterly provisional declaration, annual finalization.
    Prepare annual financial statements.
    Actual inspection: Sit and explain directly to the tax inspector when finalizing the actual settlement.
    Instead of having to spend a large amount of money to pay fines for unnecessary mistakes. Now that there is a tax finalization service package, your company can completely secure business operations and business development without having to worry about any problems related to accounting – tax.

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