MVA Law Firm Vietnam  provides a package of business dissolution services with a professional, fast, all-inclusive method, ensuring prestige and low cost. Our business dissolution consulting service always gives customers the confidence of quality and legal assurance.

MVA Vietnam supports customers with the following contents:

Consultancy on the contents and procedures for dissolution of enterprises in accordance with current law:

Consulting on legal issues before proceeding with dissolution procedures;

Cases of enterprise dissolution according to the provisions of law;

Advising on the order of carrying out enterprise dissolution procedures;

Advising on the meeting of the Members’ Council / General Meeting of Shareholders on the dissolution

enterprise; How to make the decision to dissolve the enterprise;

Advice on how to send dissolution notices to relevant organizations and individuals: creditors,

persons with related rights, obligations and interests, employees;

Advising on procedures for posting dissolution statements;

Advising on the method of liquidation of the enterprise’s assets;

Advice on tax code closing procedures;

Advice on procedures for confirmation of account closure at the Bank (if opening an account) or commitment not to open an account;

Consulting procedures for seal cancellation and return of seal specimen registration certificate to the police office or to the planning department;

Consulting procedures for returning the Business Registration Certificate.

MVA Vietnam completes the enterprise dissolution dossier:

Notice of dissolution;

Minutes of the meeting on dissolution;

Decision on dissolution;

Posting the enterprise dissolution statement;

The official letter requesting certification of no tax debt at the Customs Department if the enterprise has an import-export registration;

A written request for confirmation of bank account closure or commitment not to open an account;

Dispatch notice of dissolution and request for invalidation of tax identification numbers, including: Tax finalization, tax finalization, MST payment;

Records on issues of settlement of insurance obligations/benefits for corporate employees (if any);

MVA Vietnam performs the following tasks to help customers:

Consulting and drafting documents related to the dissolution of enterprises;

On behalf of customers, carry out procedures for tax-free certification at Customs;

On behalf of the client, carry out procedures for invalidation of tax identification numbers;

On behalf of customers, submit documents at the Business Registration Office;

On behalf of and together with the enterprise, carry out procedures to return the seal at the police office or the Department of Planning and Investment;

Representing customers to contact the necessary authorities for the implementation of procedures for dissolution of the enterprise;

Business representatives receive the results at the authorities.

Post-dissolution consulting:

MVA Vietnam  will support and advise on the following issues:

Provide legal documents upon request;

Guiding and supporting related issues after dissolution.