15h on May 22, 5, together with MVA to look forward to the moment of being honored BRAND – FAMOUS BRAND on VTC2023 channel – VTC Architects Television

With positive contributions to the business community, excellent achievements in production and business, MVA is pleased to be honored at the program: “Asia-Pacific Famous Brands & Typical Business Executives” program in 2023 organized by the Asia-Pacific Institute for Science and Technology Cooperation, Vietnam Integration Magazine, Center for Corporate Culture and Development voted.

Receiving this prestigious award affirms the prestige, service quality, MVA brand, and it is also the motivation for MVA Accounting – Auditing to constantly improve, improve service quality and serve your business best.

MVA Vietnam is one of the leading units in Vietnam in accounting and auditing services for businesses nationwide. Currently, we aim to build MVA into 1 ecosystem with the head office in Hanoi and 6 branches spread across the country, including all support services for businesses with diverse service packages in quantity and quality. MVA has been satisfying, as best meets the most stringent requirements of customers.

Accounting services at MVA include:

  • Full package accounting services
  • Tax refund service;
  • Monthly/quarterly tax reporting services;
  • Tax Finalization Services;
  • Enterprise audit services;
  • Internal financial reporting services, loans;
  • Audit services of bidding and loans;
  • Review and complete financial statements and financial statements and explanations when finalizing.

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