1. Before setting up a business, setting up a company, you will be consulted for free on the following issues:

    – Consulting on initial investment capital;
    – Structure of members/shareholders of the company;
    – Advice on how to name an Enterprise in accordance with the needs and requirements of business activities and conduct a business name lookup;
    – Consulting on registration of business lines (selecting, arranging business lines and estimating upcoming business lines, pre-conditions and following conditions for registered business lines);
    – Consulting on tax issues for businesses when they come into operation;
    – Consulting on opening representative offices, establishing branches and business stores if any;
    – Consulting on brand protection, exclusive trademark registration;
    – Advice on setting slogans and slogans;
    – Consulting to choose all types of business establishment suitable for your business activities such as: private enterprise, limited company, joint stock company;
    – Consulting on issues for employees of the company when the company goes into operation;
    – Free tax and accounting advice after the establishment of the company
    – Consulting on other issues according to customers’ inquiries.

  2. We draft all documents and carry out all procedures to set up a business for customers:

    – We will compile all documents related to the establishment of your business, you only need to re-read to see if your idea of ​​setting up a company is correct and sign the documents without having to manually draft any documents. Any documents (Application for business registration, List of members/shareholders, Charter of the company, Minutes of company meetings on capital contribution of members/shareholders, Decision on appointment of Director, Decision on appointment of Chief Accountant, Certificate of capital contribution for members/shareholders, Register of members/shareholders).
    – Make sure to copy the original (notarized) for free of the original documents of the customer to serve the establishment of the company
    – We perform the following tasks on behalf of you: submit, monitor, take care, solve problems… (on behalf of all) during business registration, seal engraving, tax code registration, registration of customs code…receives results as Certificate of Business Registration, Seal of legal entity, Certificate of seal sample at a competent state agency, results of enterprise information disclosure on the portal national electronics;
    – During the working process, you do not have to prepare any documents, you just need to give your information, we will compile all the records and you do not have to go back to meet all state agencies. already have us work with them on your behalf.

  3. After establishing a business, setting up a company, you will be consulted free of charge on the following issues:

    – Guidance on tax declaration and payment procedures;
    – Provide internal records for the company;
    – Consulting on issuing and printing invoices for businesses or consulting on buying invoices at the tax department managing the business
    – Consulting on what to do as soon as the business comes into operation;
    – In case the company does not have an accountant, we will guide carefully how to declare tax monthly and quarterly or support the first few months so that the business does not have difficulty in tax declaration when it is newly established. create;
    – Free consultation during the process of business operation
    – Consulting to order printing invoices for businesses, free to issue invoices.
    – Consulting on opening company accounts for customers
    – Advice on registration of social insurance, health insurance for employees when going into operation
    – Free tax advice, accounting after company establishment
    – ​​Free license tax declaration and all relevant tax returns for the business at least 3 months after its establishment
    – ​​Consulting on other issues according to customers’ inquiries;
    – The consultation before and after the establishment is completely free.

  4. Results customers receive when setting up a business, setting up a company at MVA Vietnam:

    – Certificate of business registration
    – Certificate of seal sample
    – Company circular seal
    – Charter, internal records of the company

  5. The time to complete the whole work is 7-10 working days. This time may change shorter depending on your business plan.

  6. The customer only needs to provide the following information and documents:

    – Provide information (company name, company address, outline business ideas…) all information is with our advice and suggestions;
    – Provide a true copy of the original citizen identity card (or Passport) of the people contributing capital to the enterprise to be established (if it is a capital-contributing organization, specific instructions will be given)

  7. Service fee: According to the specific job.