Zalo started charging on the app??

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Zalo is currently one of the most popular messaging applications in the Vietnamese market. Zalo has about 70 million regular users with an easy-to-use interface, a product that works well and stably on Vietnam’s network infrastructure. This makes the application easily familiar to everyone, including the elderly when Facebook Messenger, or Viber, Telegram … are too unfamiliar.

However, Zalo recently said that it will start making some changes on its messaging application starting from August 1, 2022, including charging users.

From the notifications sent to users by Zalo, it can be seen that Zalo will have 6 important changes in the near future. It is known that these changes of Zalo are intended to limit users from being disturbed as well as to protect information safety and user privacy.

1. Strangers (not in contacts) will not be able to view, comment on the user’s log.

2. Each Zalo account from August 1st will only have 40 impressions/month when strangers search by phone number.

3. Each account can only respond to 40 conversations/month from strangers, exceeding the limit will only be read but cannot continue to reply.

4. The maximum user will only have 1,000 friends, beyond that will not be able to add new friends or accept friend requests from strangers.

5. Will no longer use the username feature, this applies to all personal Zalo accounts.

6. Each account has 5 instant messages by default, if you want to add new instant messages, users need to delete old instant messages.

Notifications sent from Zalo

Besides, on June 22, Zalo also deployed a paid service package with Zalo OA enterprise. Accordingly, authentic OA accounts will have 4 packages from basic (free), trial (10,000 VND), advanced (59,000 VND) and Premium (399,000 VND) per month.

Note, Zalo OA (Zalo Official Account) is the official business page of a business, brand, organization and community on Zalo. That is, Zalo only charges for business accounts, not for personal accounts.

Currently, the new changes of Zalo are also receiving a lot of attention from users.

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